About Us

The vision of The Choir Project: Naples Sings is to “build community chorally” in southwest Florida. Singing together is not only fun and challenging, it also improves and strengthens the life of a community. The Choir Project provides local residents of various ages and ethnicities the opportunity to sing together – to build community – through the creative process of the choral art by offering innovative choral events, workshops, festivals, concerts, and short-term choral projects. “Participatory not passive” is the signature of The Choir Project. We want local singers to experience the joys of choral music, not only by hearing good ensembles, but also by actively singing, learning, commissioning, and bringing-to-sound choral music for our own time.

Choir Project events target four types of potential participants: the individual choral singer, the already extant choral ensemble, the choral conductor, and the choral composer.

Various ‘voices’ help inform the vision and development of The Choir Project: Naples Sings including professional, university, community and public school choral conductors, international choral colleagues, executive directors and board members of successful nationally recognized choral programs, various choral guild administrators, local amateur choral-lovers, business professionals, sacred choral musicians, and — of course — choral singers!

As we organize ourselves to form a 501(c)3 non-profit, we will announce our founding Board and Advisors in the near future.